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Autonomous Driving and Residential Location Preferences: Evidence from a Stated Choice Survey. (arXiv:1905.11486v1 [econ.GN])

Tue, 28 May 2019 23:02:28 GMT

This paper seeks to advance the understanding of the potential impacts of
autonomous vehicles (AVs) on travel behaviour and land use by investigating
stated preferences for combinations of residential locations and travel options
for the commute in the context of autonomous automobile travel. Our analysis
draws from a stated preference survey, which was completed by 512 commuters
from the Sydney metropolitan area in Australia, and provides insights into
travel time valuations and demand elasticities in a long-term decision-making
context. By and large, the findings of our empirical study suggest that the
impact of AVs on travel behaviour and residential location preferences may be
relatively modest. We estimate that the mean value of travel time savings (VOT)
for commuting by AV is 24.0 AUD/h, while the mean VOTs for commuting by
conventional car and public transit are 25.3 AUD/h and 19.0 AUD/h,