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Parallel Experimentation in a Competitive Advertising Marketplace. (arXiv:1903.11198v2 [econ.GN] UPDATED)

Wed, 29 May 2019 19:50:23 GMT

When multiple firms are simultaneously running experiments on a platform, the
treatment effects for one firm may depend on the experimentation policies of
others. This paper presents a set of causal estimands that are relevant to such
an environment. We also present an experimental design that is suitable for
facilitating experimentation across multiple competitors in such an
environment. Together, these can be used by a platform to run experiments "as a
service," on behalf of its participating firms. We show that the causal
estimands we develop are identified nonparametrically by the variation induced
by the design, and present two scalable estimators that help measure them in
typical high-dimensional situations. We implement the design on the advertising
platform of JD.com, an eCommerce company, which is also a publisher of digital
ads in China. We discuss how the design is engineered within the platform's
auction-driven ad-allocation system, which is typical of modern, digital
advertising marketplaces. Finally, we present results from a parallel
experiment involving 16 advertisers and millions of JD.com users. These results
showcase the importance of accommodating a role for interactions across
experimenters and demonstrates the viability of the framework.