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Resolving New Keynesian Anomalies with Wealth in the Utility Function. (arXiv:1905.13645v1 [econ.TH])

Sun, 02 Jun 2019 19:49:40 GMT

The New Keynesian model makes several anomalous predictions at the zero lower
bound: collapse of output and inflation, and implausibly large effects of
forward guidance and government spending. To resolve these anomalies, we
introduce wealth into the utility function. The justification is that wealth is
a marker of social status, and people value social status. Since people save
not only for future consumption but also to accrue social status, the Euler
equation is modified. As a result, when the marginal utility of wealth is
sufficiently large, the dynamical system representing the equilibrium at the
zero lower bound becomes a source instead of a saddle---which resolves all the