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A dynamic dual representation of the buyer's price of American options in a nonlinear incomplete market. (arXiv:1901.02505v2 [q-fin.MF] UPDATED)

Mon, 03 Jun 2019 20:03:22 GMT

In this paper we study the problem of nonlinear pricing of an American option
with a right-continuous left-limited (RCLL) payoff process in an incomplete
market with default, from the buyer's point of view. We show that the buyer's
price process can be represented as the value of a stochastic control/optimal
stopping game problem with nonlinear expectations, which corresponds to the
maximal subsolution of a constrained reflected Backward Stochastic Differential
Equation (BSDE). We then deduce a nonlinear optional decomposition of the
buyer's price process. To the best of our knowledge, no dynamic dual
representation (resp. no optional decomposition) of the buyer's price process
can be found in the literature, even in the case of a linear incomplete market
and brownian filtration. Finally, we prove the "infimum" and the "supremum" in
the definition of the stochastic game problem can be interchanged. Our method
relies on new tools, as simultaneous nonlinear Doob-Meyer decompositions of
processes which have a $\mathscr{Y}^\nu$-submartingale property for each
admissible control $\nu$.