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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Entrepreneurship: A New Era Has Begun. (arXiv:1906.00553v1 [econ.GN])

Mon, 03 Jun 2019 20:03:23 GMT

While the disruptive potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data
has been receiving growing attention and concern in a variety of research and
application fields over the last few years, it has not received much scrutiny
in contemporary entrepreneurship research so far. Here we present some
reflections and a collection of papers on the role of AI and Big Data for this
emerging area in the study and application of entrepreneurship research. While
being mindful of the potentially overwhelming nature of the rapid progress in
machine intelligence and other Big Data technologies for contemporary
structures in entrepreneurship research, we put an emphasis on the reciprocity
of the co-evolving fields of entrepreneurship research and practice. How can AI
and Big Data contribute to a productive transformation of the research field
and the real-world phenomena (e.g., 'smart entrepreneurship')? We also discuss,
however, ethical issues as well as challenges around a potential contradiction
between entrepreneurial uncertainty and rule-driven AI rationality. The
editorial gives researchers and practitioners orientation and showcases avenues
and examples for concrete research in this field. At the same time, however, it
is not unlikely that we will encounter unforeseeable and currently inexplicable
developments in the field soon. We call on entrepreneurship scholars,
educators, and practitioners to proactively prepare for future scenarios.