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Deep Learning in Asset Pricing. (arXiv:1904.00745v2 [q-fin.ST] UPDATED)

Thu, 06 Jun 2019 23:02:11 GMT

We estimate a general non-linear asset pricing model with deep neural
networks applied to all U.S. equity data combined with a substantial set of
macroeconomic and firm-specific information. Our crucial innovation is the use
of the no-arbitrage condition as part of the neural network algorithm. We
estimate the stochastic discount factor (SDF or pricing kernel) that explains
all asset prices from the conditional moment constraints implied by
no-arbitrage. For this purpose, we combine three different deep neural network
structures in a novel way: a feedforward network to capture non-linearities, a
recurrent Long-Short-Term-Memory network to find a small set of economic state
processes and a generative adversarial network to identify the portfolio
strategies with the least explained pricing information. Our model allows us to
understand what are the key factors that drive asset prices to identify
mispricing of stocks and to generate the mean-variance efficient portfolio.
Empirically, our approach outperforms out-of-sample all other benchmark
approaches: Our optimal portfolio has an annual Sharpe Ratio of 2.6, we explain
8% of the variation in individual stock returns and explain over 90% of average
returns for all anomaly sorted portfolios.