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Tensor Processing Units for Financial Monte Carlo. (arXiv:1906.02818v1 [cs.DC])

Sun, 09 Jun 2019 23:02:47 GMT

Monte Carlo methods are core to many routines in quantitative finance such as
derivatives pricing, hedging and risk metrics. Unfortunately, Monte Carlo
methods are very computationally expensive when it comes to running simulations
in high-dimensional state spaces where they are still a method of choice in the
financial industry. Recently, Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) have provided
considerable speedups and decreased the cost of running Stochastic Gradient
Descent (SGD) in Deep Learning. After having highlighted computational
similarities between training neural networks with SGD and stochastic process
simulation, we ask in the present paper whether TPUs are accurate, fast and
simple enough to use for financial Monte Carlo. Through a theoretical reminder
of the key properties of such methods and thorough empirical experiments we
examine the fitness of TPUs for option pricing, hedging and risk metrics
computation. We show in the following that Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) in
the cloud help accelerate Monte Carlo routines compared to Graphics Processing
Units (GPUs) which in turn decreases the cost associated with running such
simulations while leveraging the flexibility of the cloud. In particular we
demonstrate that, in spite of the use of mixed precision, TPUs still provide
accurate estimators which are fast to compute. We also show that the Tensorflow
programming model for TPUs is elegant, expressive and simplifies automated