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Generalized Beta Prime Distribution: Stochastic Model of Economic Exchange and Properties of Inequality Indices. (arXiv:1906.04822v1 [econ.EM])

Wed, 12 Jun 2019 23:02:24 GMT

We argue that a stochastic model of economic exchange, whose steady-state
distribution is a Generalized Beta Prime (also known as GB2), and some unique
properties of the latter, are the reason for GB2's success in describing
wealth/income distributions. We use housing sale prices as a proxy to
wealth/income distribution to numerically illustrate this point. We also
explore parametric limits of the distribution to do so analytically. We discuss
parametric properties of the inequality indices -- Gini, Hoover, Theil T and
Theil L -- vis-a-vis those of GB2 and introduce a new inequality index, which
serves a similar purpose. We argue that Hoover and Theil L are more appropriate
measures for distributions with power-law dependencies, especially fat tails,
such as GB2.