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Behavioural Macroeconomic Policy: New perspectives on time inconsistency. (arXiv:1907.07858v1 [econ.TH])

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 23:02:57 GMT

This paper brings together divergent approaches to time inconsistency from
macroeconomic policy and behavioural economics. Behavioural discount functions
from behavioural microeconomics are embedded into a game-theoretic analysis of
temptation versus enforcement to construct an encompassing model, nesting
combinations of time consistent and time inconsistent preferences. The analysis
presented in this paper shows that, with hyperbolic/quasihyperbolic
discounting, the enforceable range of inflation targets is narrowed. This
suggests limits to the effectiveness of monetary targets, under certain
conditions. The paper concludes with a discussion of monetary policy
implications, explored specifically in the light of current macroeconomic
policy debates.