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Stochastic Spread Pairs Trading in the Indian Commodity Market. (arXiv:1907.08397v1 [q-fin.TR])

Sun, 21 Jul 2019 23:02:08 GMT

In this study, we applied a stochastic spread pairs trading strategy on the
Indian commodity market. The complete set of commodities were taken whose spot
price was available for the period of January 1st 2010 to December 31st 2018
including energy, metals and the agricultural commodity sector. Spot data was
taken from the MCX pooled spot prices for 17 commodities. The data was split
into training period (January 1st 2010 to 14th March 2017) and testing
period(15th Match 2017 to 31st December 2018). The splitting was done using a
80:20 split.Johanssen Cointegration tests were done on training data for pairs
of commodities to check for long-run relationship and the cointegrated
commodities were selected for formation of the trading process. We found a
total of 12 cointegrated pairs out of 136 possible pairs. Cointegration was
assumed for the testing period. A single-factor stochastic trading approach was
applied on the logarithmic spread of the cointegrated pairs for both the
training and testing period.The parameters of stochastic spread model were
estimated using differential evolution algorithm. Also parameters for the
trading rule were optimized by backtesting on the training period and assumed
for the testing period. The results show a sharpe ratio of above 1.4 for all
the commodity cointegrated pairs in the backtesing period.