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Accelerated Share Repurchase and other buyback programs: what neural networks can bring. (arXiv:1907.09753v1 [q-fin.CP])

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 23:01:54 GMT

When firms want to buy back their own shares, they have a choice between
several alternatives. If they often carry out open market repurchase, they also
increasingly rely on banks through complex buyback contracts involving option
components, e.g. accelerated share repurchase contracts, VWAP-minus
profit-sharing contracts, etc. The entanglement between the execution problem
and the option hedging problem makes the management of these contracts a
difficult task that should not boil down to simple Greek-based risk hedging,
contrary to what happens with classical books of options. In this paper, we
propose a machine learning method to optimally manage several types of buyback
contracts. In particular, we recover strategies similar to those obtained in
the literature with partial differential equation and recombinant tree methods
and show that our new method, which does not suffer from the curse of
dimensionality, enables to address types of contract that could not be
addressed with grid or tree methods.