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Quantifying horizon dependence of asset prices: a cluster entropy approach. (arXiv:1908.00257v1 [])

Thu, 01 Aug 2019 23:02:02 GMT

Market dynamic is studied by quantifying the dependence of the entropy
$S(\tau,n)$ of the clusters formed by the series of the prices $p_t$ and its
moving average $\widetilde{p}_{t,n}$ on temporal horizon $M$. We report results
of the analysis performed on high-frequency data of the Nasdaq Composite, Dow
Jones Industrial Avg and Standard \& Poor 500 indexes downloaded from the
Bloomberg terminal Both raw and sampled data
series have been analysed for a broad range of horizons $M$, varying from one
to twelve months over the year 2018. A systematic dependence of the cluster
entropy function $S(\tau,n)$ on the horizon $M$ has been evidenced in the
analysed assets. Hence, the cluster entropy function is integrated over the
cluster $\tau$ to yield a synthetic indicator of price evolution: the
\emph{Market Dynamic Index} $I(M,n)$. Moreover, the \emph{Market Horizon
Dependence} defined as $H(M,n)=I(M,n)-I(1,n)$ is calculated and compared with
the values of the horizon dependence of the pricing kernel with different
representative agent models obtained by a Kullback-Leibler entropy approach.