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Solving high-dimensional optimal stopping problems using deep learning. (arXiv:1908.01602v1 [math.NA])

Mon, 05 Aug 2019 23:02:29 GMT

Nowadays many financial derivatives which are traded on stock and futures
exchanges, such as American or Bermudan options, are of early exercise type.
Often the pricing of early exercise options gives rise to high-dimensional
optimal stopping problems, since the dimension corresponds to the number of
underlyings in the associated hedging portfolio. High-dimensional optimal
stopping problems are, however, notoriously difficult to solve due to the
well-known curse of dimensionality. In this work we propose an algorithm for
solving such problems, which is based on deep learning and computes, in the
context of early exercise option pricing, both approximations for an optimal
exercise strategy and the price of the considered option. The proposed
algorithm can also be applied to optimal stopping problems that arise in other
areas where the underlying stochastic process can be efficiently simulated. We
present numerical results for a large number of example problems, which include
the pricing of many high-dimensional American and Bermudan options such as, for
example, Bermudan max-call options in up to 5000~dimensions. Most of the
obtained results are compared to reference values computed by exploiting the
specific problem design or, where available, to reference values from the
literature. These numerical results suggest that the proposed algorithm is
highly effective in the case of many underlyings, in terms of both accuracy and