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Review of the Plan for Integrating Big Data Analytics Program for the Electronic Marketing System and Customer Relationship Management: A Case Study XYZ Institution. (arXiv:1908.02430v1 [econ.GN])

Wed, 07 Aug 2019 23:02:35 GMT

This research aims to explore business processes and what the factors have
major influence on electronic marketing and CRM systems? Which data needs to be
analyzed and integrated in the system, and how to do that? How effective of
integration the electronic marketing and CRM with big data enabled to support
Marketing and Customer Relation operations. Research based on case studies at
XYZ Organization: International Language Education Service in Surabaya.
Research is studying secondary data which is supported by qualitative research
methods. Using purposive sampling technique with observation and interviewing
several respondents who need the system integration. The documentation of
interview is coded to keep confidentiality of the informant. Method of
extending participation, triangulation of data sources, discussions and the
adequacy of the theory are uses to validate data. Miles and Huberman models is
uses to do analysis the data interview. Results of the research are expected to
become a holistic approach to fully integrate the Big Data Analytics program
with electronic marketing and CRM systems.