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Behaving Optimally in Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Markets. (arXiv:1904.06337v2 [q-fin.MF] UPDATED)

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 23:02:06 GMT

SREC markets are a relatively novel market-based system to incentivize the
production of energy from solar means. A regulator imposes a floor on the
amount of energy each regulated firm must generate from solar power in a given
period and provides them with certificates for each generated MWh. Firms offset
these certificates against the floor and pay a penalty for any lacking
certificates. Certificates are tradable assets, allowing firms to purchase/sell
them freely. In this work, we formulate a stochastic control problem for
generating and trading in SREC markets from a regulated firm's perspective. We
account for generation and trading costs, the impact both have on SREC prices,
provide a characterization of the optimal strategy, and develop a numerical
algorithm to solve this control problem. Through numerical experiments, we
explore how a firm who acts optimally behaves under various conditions. We find
that an optimal firm's generation and trading behaviour can be separated into
various regimes, based on the marginal benefit of obtaining an additional SREC,
and validate our theoretical characterization of the optimal strategy. We also
conduct parameter sensitivity experiments and conduct comparisons of the
optimal strategy to other candidate strategies.