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The implied Sharpe ratio. (arXiv:1908.04837v1 [q-fin.MF])

Wed, 14 Aug 2019 23:02:25 GMT

In an incomplete market, including liquidly-traded European options in an
investment portfolio could potentially improve the expected terminal utility
for a risk-averse investor. However, unlike the Sharpe ratio, which provides a
concise measure of the relative investment attractiveness of different
underlying risky assets, there is no such measure available to help investors
choose among the different European options. We introduce a new concept -- the
implied Sharpe ratio -- which allows investors to make such a comparison in an
incomplete financial market. Specifically, when comparing various European
options, it is the option with the highest implied Sharpe ratio that, if
included in an investor's portfolio, will improve his expected utility the
most. Through the method of Taylor series expansion of the state-dependent
coefficients in a nonlinear partial differential equation, we also establish
the behaviour of the implied Sharpe ratio with respect to an investor's
risk-aversion parameter. In a series of numerical studies, we compare the
investment attractiveness of different European options by studying their
implied Sharpe ratio.