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Hedging longevity risk in defined contribution pension schemes. (arXiv:1904.10229v2 [q-fin.RM] UPDATED)

Sun, 18 Aug 2019 23:02:03 GMT

Pension schemes all over the world are under increasing pressure to
efficiently hedge the longevity risk posed by ageing populations. In this work,
we study an optimal investment problem for a defined contribution pension
scheme which decides to hedge the longevity risk using a mortality-linked
security, typically a longevity bond. The pension scheme invests in the risky
assets available in the market, including the longevity bond, by using the
contributions from a representative scheme member to ensure a minimum guarantee
such that the member is able to purchase a lifetime annuity upon retirement. We
transform this constrained optimal investment problem into an unconstrained
problem by replicating a self-financing portfolio of future contributions from
the member and the minimum guarantee provided by the scheme. We solve the
resulting optimisation problem using the dynamic programming principle and
through a series of numerical studies reveal that the longevity risk has an
important impact on the performance of investment strategies. Our results
provide mathematical evidence supporting the use of mortality-linked securities
for efficient hedging of the longevity risk.