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Entropic Dynamics of Stocks and European Options. (arXiv:1908.06355v1 [q-fin.PR])

Mon, 19 Aug 2019 23:02:14 GMT

We develop an entropic framework to model the dynamics of stocks and European
Options. Entropic inference is an inductive inference framework equipped with
proper tools to handle situations where incomplete information is available.
The objective of the paper is to lay down an alternative framework for modeling
dynamics. An important information about the dynamics of a stock's price is
scale invariance. By imposing the scale invariant symmetry, we arrive at
choosing the logarithm of the stock's price as the proper variable to model.
The dynamics of stock log price is derived using two pieces of information, the
continuity of motion and the directionality constraint. The resulting model is
the same as the Geometric Brownian Motion, GBM, of the stock price which is
manifestly scale invariant. Furthermore, we come up with the dynamics of
probability density function, which is a Fokker--Planck equation. Next, we
extend the model to value the European Options on a stock. Derivative
securities ought to be prices such that there is no arbitrage. To ensure the
no-arbitrage pricing, we derive the risk-neutral measure by incorporating the
risk-neutral information. Consequently, the Black--Scholes model and the
Black--Scholes-Merton differential equation are derived.