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A complex net of intertwined complements: Measuring interdimensional dependence among the poor. (arXiv:1908.07870v1 [econ.GN])

Wed, 21 Aug 2019 23:02:16 GMT

The choice of appropriate measures of deprivation, identification and
aggregation of poverty has been a challenge for many years. The works of Sen,
Atkinson and others have been the cornerstone for most of the literature on
poverty measuring. Recent contributions have focused in what we now know as
multidimensional poverty measuring. Current aggregation and identification
measures for multidimensional poverty make the implicit assumption that
dimensions are independent of each other, thus ignoring the natural dependence
between them. In this article a variant of the usual method of deprivation
measuring is presented. It allows the existence of the forementioned
connections by drawing from geometric and networking notions. This new
methodology relies on previous identification and aggregation methods, but with
small modifications to prevent arbitrary manipulations. It is also proved that
this measure still complies with the axiomatic framework of its predecessor.
Moreover, the general form of latter can be considered a particular case of
this new measure, although this identification is not unique.