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Expansion method for pricing foreign exchange options under stochastic volatility and interest rates. (arXiv:1908.09640v1 [q-fin.CP])

Mon, 26 Aug 2019 23:01:57 GMT

Some expansion methods have been proposed for approximately pricing options
which has no exact closed formula. Benhamou et al. (2010) presents the smart
expansion method that directly expands the expectation value of payoff function
with respect to the volatility of volatility, then uses it to price options in
the stochastic volatility model. In this paper, we apply their method to the
stochastic volatility model with stochastic interest rates, and present the
expansion formula for pricing options up to the second order. Then the
numerical studies are performed to compare our approximation formula with the
Monte-Carlo simulation. It is found that our formula shows the numerically
comparable results with the method proposed by Grzelak et al. (2012) which uses
the approximation of characteristic function.