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A New Proposal of Applications of Statistical Depth Functions in Causal Analysis of Socio-Economic Phenomena Based on Official Statistics -- A Study of EU Agricultural Subsidies and Digital Developement in Poland. (arXiv:1908.11099v1 [stat.AP])

Thu, 29 Aug 2019 23:02:18 GMT

Results of a convincing causal statistical inference related to
socio-economic phenomena are treated as especially desired background for
conducting various socio-economic programs or government interventions.
Unfortunately, quite often real socio-economic issues do not fulfill
restrictive assumptions of procedures of causal analysis proposed in the
literature. This paper indicates certain empirical challenges and conceptual
opportunities related to applications of procedures of data depth concept into
a process of causal inference as to socio-economic phenomena. We show, how to
apply a statistical functional depths in order to indicate factual and
counterfactual distributions commonly used within procedures of causal
inference. The presented framework is especially useful in a context of
conducting causal inference basing on official statistics, i.e., basing on
already existing databases. Methodological considerations related to extremal
depth, modified band depth, Fraiman-Muniz depth, and multivariate Wilcoxon sum
rank statistic are illustrated by means of example related to a study of an
impact of EU direct agricultural subsidies on a digital development in Poland
in a period of 2012-2019.