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A Two-Stage Market Mechanism for Electricity with Renewable Generation. (arXiv:1909.00508v1 [cs.GT])

Tue, 03 Sep 2019 23:02:08 GMT

We consider a two stage market mechanism for trading electricity including
renewable generation as an alternative to the widely used multi-settlement
market structure. The two stage market structure allows for recourse decisions
by the market operator, which is not possible in today's markets. We allow for
different generation cost curves in the forward and the real-time stage. We
have considered costs of demand response programs, and black outs but have
ignored network structure for the sake of simplicity. Our first result is to
show existence (by construction) of a sequential competitive equilibrium (SCEq)
in such a two-stage market. We then argue social welfare properties of such an
SCEq. We then design a market mechanism that achieves social welfare
maximization when the market participants are non-strategic.