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A fixed-point policy-iteration-type algorithm for symmetric nonzero-sum stochastic impulse games. (arXiv:1909.03574v1 [math.NA])

Mon, 09 Sep 2019 23:02:00 GMT

Nonzero-sum stochastic differential games with impulse controls offer a
realistic and far-reaching modelling framework for applications within finance,
energy markets and other areas, but the difficulty in solving such problems has
hindered their proliferation. Semi-analytical approaches make strong
assumptions pertaining very particular cases. To the author's best knowledge,
the only numerical method in the literature is the heuristic one we put forward
to solve an underlying system of quasi-variational inequalities. Focusing on
symmetric games, this paper presents a simpler and more efficient fixed-point
policy-iteration-type algorithm which removes the strong dependence on the
initial guess and the relaxation scheme of the previous method. A rigorous
convergence analysis is undertaken with natural assumptions on the players
strategies, which admit graph-theoretic interpretations in the context of
weakly chained diagonally dominant matrices. A provably convergent
single-player impulse control solver, often outperforming classical policy
iteration, is also provided. The main algorithm is used to compute with high
precision equilibrium payoffs and Nash equilibria of otherwise too challenging
problems, and even some for which results go beyond the scope of all the
currently available theory.