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David Garner's Blog

Chinese Farmland Investments in Western Australia

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

Download the Farmland Investment Report In line with the Eastern Giant’s bid to sure up food supplies through the purchase and operation of farmland outside of the mainland, Beidahuang Group (BDH Group), China’s largest grain producer is looking to add to an already long list of overseas farmland investments with the purchase of about 80,000 hectares of farmland in Western Australia, with several farmers understood to be on the verge of signing. BDH have already revealed plans to purchase...

More on Alternative Investments

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

Investors in traditional assets have had a rough time this week as volatile equity markets have wiped billions from the value of global stock on fears of a Eurozone debt default and worries over the historic downgrade of US credit rating by agency Standard and Poors. In this environment, investors are looking for strategies to reduce risk and generate returns that are not linked to these volatile assets, with the vast majority of institutional investors turning to alternative investments in an...

What Alternative Investments for 2011

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

The Biggest Alternative Investments of 2011 After a long rally lasting from 2009 to 2011, global stock markets are once again shedding value at an alarming rate as fears mount of a sovereign debt default in the Eurozone, and the recent downgrade of the US credit rating by Standard and Poors. In such an environment, investors tend to panic sell equities in order to avoid inevitable losses, and seek out alternative investments that generate returns independent of traditional markets. Gold has...

Agriculture Investments and the Stock Market Crash

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

Agriculture investments and the stock market crash of 2011 Download the Agriculture Investment Guide In the first week of August, 2011, 10% was wiped off the value of the UK’s leading stock indices as news of a downgrade of the US credit rating by a major ratings agency boomed around every sentinel in the market. Many investors, both large and small, have been ploughing money into agriculture investments with the aim of protecting the value of capital whilst generating an income stream and...

Alternative Investments in Current Markets

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

This week, the FTSE 100 stock market index lost so much value that it slumped to its lowest level since the depths of the financial crisis, and globally more than $2.5tn (£1.5tn) has been wiped off the value of stock markets around the world. It is economic conditions such as these that make alternative investments more appealing to private individuals and institutions of all kinds as investors sell volatile stocks and look for investments that for which returns are not dependent upon...

The Importance of Alternative Investments

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

Alternative investments are likely to continue to become much more important, not just for institutional investors, but also smaller investor worries about the effect of volatile markets on the portfolios. Traditionally, alternative investments have been the sole preserve of large investors like hedge funds, pension funds and high net worth individuals, and have comprised a mixed bag of assets including land, art, wine, collectibles, forestry and complex financial derivatives. The performance...

Why Farmland Investments are Popular

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

Farmland investments are proving attractive to investors right now for a number of reasons. The fact that inflation is high, interest rates are low and stock markets are volatile, leads investors to seek assets that grow in value faster than the pace of inflation and are capable of generating income, even when markets are down and share dividends dry up. The reason investors are investing in farmland is mostly because farmland values are driven by farm revenues, and farm revenues are driven by...

Alternative Investments - An Introduction

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

DGC Asset Management provide Investors with access to research, due diligence and opportunities to invest in ‘real-assets’ and select projects within the agricultural sector, encompassing managed agriculture investments, niche and ‘value-added’ forestry investment projects and renewable energy production projects with an agricultural productivity base. DGC’s aim to introduce Investors to carefully selected and well-researched investment projects, that enjoy a comfortable fit with DGC’s...

The Best Alternative Investments

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

Best Alternative Investments Download the DGC Alternative Investment Report In the current economic climate, defined by high inflation, low interest rates and volatile stock markets, investors are searching for alternative investments to replace lost income, hedge against the capital eroding effects of high inflation, and enjoy stable, consistent long-term capital growth. Alternative investments are defined as any asset outside of the traditional asset classes of stocks, bonds, cash and...

Forestry Investments for the Retail Investor

June 8, 2012 Comments (0)

Assessing Forestry Investments for the Retail Investor Download the Forestry Investment Report Many investors, both institutional and private, are considering adding forestry investments to their portfolio in an effort to hedge inflation and generate a non-correlated return on investment that is not dependent upon the wider economy. Due to increasing inflation, low interest rates and volatile stock markets, many investors are seeking assets that provide growth without being dependent upon...