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January 2020

Kiffmeister's Fintech Daily Digest 01/30/2020

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Chainalysis Crypto Crime Report: 2019 Was the Year of the Ponzi Scheme. Last year, more than $4.3 billion in digital currencies was stolen in various crypto scams, according to Chainalysis. The majority of the scams were linked to Ponzi schemes including the PlusToken and OneCoin scams. tags: Fintech Scams CryptoAssets Zelle Handled $187 Billion in Payments via 743 Million Transactions in 2019 For the 2019 calendar year,...

Kiffmeister's Fintech Daily Digest 01/29/2020

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While CME Shines, Literally No One Is Trading Bakkt’s Bitcoin Options Trading volumes in bitcoin options listed on the Intercontinental Exchange's Bakkt platform have completely dried up, even while CME’s options product is seeing strong interest. As per Bakkt’s data, not a single bitcoin options contract was traded last week on Bakkt, withactivity last registered on Jan. 17, when 20 lots had changed hands. tags: Fintech CryptoAssets...

Kiffmeister's Fintech Daily Digest 01/28/2020

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Libra as a currency board: are the risks too great? Libra is analogous to a currency-board regime. And yet, Libra’s proponents have so far overlooked the problems of monetary management that a currency board raises. tags: Fintech CryptoAssets Stablecoins Facebook Singapore Launches New Regime for Crypto, Payments Firms Singapore introduced new payments legislation that offers global cryptocurrency firms a chance...

Kiffmeister's Fintech Daily Digest 01/27/2020

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From ICOs to STOs and IEOs. What is next in the evolution of crypto fundraising? To make investors feel comfortable again, we need more than ease and accessibility, that ICOs and IEOs offer. We also need to offer IPO-grade regulation and compliance. But most startups are not able to do that. So what’s the middle ground? Well, maybe the solution is STOs, tokenized securities that comply with regulations. But for now STOs are still a hard route, that lacks liquidity and regulatory...

Kiffmeister's Fintech Daily Digest 01/26/2020

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Blockchain Association, Chamber of Digital Commerce support Telegram The two advocacy groups submitted amicus briefs to the court. One opposes the SEC’s lawsuit; the other asks the agency to do a better job defining digital assets. tags: Fintech CryptoAssets Telegram PaymentSystems How much can we really trust the blockchain? "If we are supposed to trust whatever is on a blockchain, then we are in trouble indeed....

Kiffmeister's Financial Plumbing Weekly Digest

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At CCPs, sovereign bonds are top IM collateral Government debt makes up the largest chunk of initial margin held by most top clearing houses, Risk Quantum analysis shows. Across 10 top clearing houses, sovereign bonds made up 48% of total held IM on average at end-September 2019. Domestic government debt made up 26% on average, and foreign 22%. LCH Ltd had 71% of IM in sovereign bonds, the most of the set, followed by CME, with 66%.tags: Plumbing...

Kiffmeister's Alternative Risk Transfer Weekly Digest

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Longevity swap market forecast for record £25bn+ year in 2020The longevity swap market is forecast to experience record levels of activity in 2020, with availability of reinsurance capacity likely to be a key consideration for pensions looking to offload the risk of their members living longer. Willis Towers Watson says that it expects to see longevity swap volumes surpassing UK £25 billion, which would be more than double the market activity seen in 2019. 2019 saw £12 billion of longevity...

Kiffmeister's Fintech Daily Digest 01/25/2020

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Bahamas Sand Dollar CBDC pilot enrollment at 1,200 participants The Central Bank of the Bahamas announced that its Sand Dollar CBDC pilot project has ‘exceeded’ its expectation of 500 participants with enrollment currently at 1,200.tags: Fintech CryptoAssets CBDCCBDC | Central Bank Digital CurrencyThe MIT Digital Currency Initiative "Redesigning Digital Money" paper considers three important features from crypto-asset design -...

Kiffmeister's Fintech Daily Digest 01/24/2020

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Japan ruling party lawmakers to float idea of issuing digital currencyA group comprised of about 70 Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers are working on a proposal for Japan to issue its own digital currency. The digital currency could be a joint initiative between the government and private companies, Norihiro Nakayama, parliamentary vice minister for foreign affairs, told Reuters.tags: Fintech CryptoAssets CBDC Bahrain Becomes Next Country to Trial Digital Currency...

Kiffmeister's Fintech Daily Digest 01/23/2020

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Impending arrival - a sequel to the survey on central bank digital currency The latest BIS survey shows that most central banks are researching CBDC and a small number looks likely to issue a CBDC very soon. Emerging market economies report stronger motivations and a higher likelihood to issue CBDC than advanced economies. tags: Fintech CryptoAssets CBDCCentral Banks Create New Framework for CBDC Deployment with World Economic ForumThe...

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