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Thinknum Platform

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 02:16:41 GMT

Justin, the founder of Thinknum, contacted me a few days ago about his site, I am very glad to share on this blog since it looks interesting and close related to the blog content.  

Thinknum is a web platform that enables investors to collaborate on financial analysis, it aggregates the abundance of financial data and insights on the web and presents it to our users in an intuitive format, indexing the world’s financial information in the process.

A few samples of what you can do on Thinknum:
Thinknum’s Cashflow Model allows users to value companies based on fundamentals just like Wall Street research analysts do.  All the assumptions that go into the valuation models are visible and editable.  The data for the models is also updated automatically when companies publish their quarterly filings.

The Plotter allows users to track financial data, analyze trends, and perform expressions such as regressions and correlations without having to write code.  Thinknum currently provides data from over 2,000 sources.

A few experts have written about Thinknum:
•  Jason Voss of the CFA Institute published a comprehensive overview of Thinknum’s mission.
•  Francis Smart discussed Thinknum’s integration with R on R-Bloggers.  

Thinknum was founded in 2013 by Gregory Ugwi and Justin Zhen, two friends who met at Princeton University in 2006.  After graduation, Gregory went to work for Goldman Sachs and Justin worked at a hedge fund, where they both discovered the major flaws with existing financial data analysis tools.  That’s when they decided to create a superior platform for all types of investors.
Thinknum is constantly adding new features, so join their community and sign up for free today at
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