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November 2019

Call for Papers: The Economics of Digital Currencies

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Special Issue of the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control   

A special issue of the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control is being planned on “The Economics of Digital Currencies,” organized by Jonathan Chiu and Todd Keister.

We seek high-quality research papers that provide insight into the economic aspects of new forms of digital money and their macroeconomic implications. The...

Victor Ricciardi talks about his book Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing

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Victor Ricciardi is a Finance Professor at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland and co-editor (with Kent Baker) of the new book Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing. Order direct through Wiley here. Read a sample chapter here.


Jacob Bettany: You and your co-editor H. Kent Baker are very well known to many members of the MoneyScience community through your work in behavioural finance....

Video - Weather derivatives - supporting hedging against climate change

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Laura Ballotta, Reader in Financial Mathematics at Cass Business School, presents her latest work co-written by Gianluca Fusai, Ioannis Kyriakou, Nikos C. Papapostolou, and Panos P. Pouliasis at QuantMinds International (2019).

Laura Ballotta at Cass Business School

Laura Ballotta on LinkedIn

A Quick Guide to Weather Derivatives (pdf)

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