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Call for Papers: The Journal of Machine Learning in Finance

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The first volume of the academic Journal of Machine Learning in Finance is being published in Q1, 2020.

The journal will cover cross-asset markets, across learning and data types, covering areas including risk management, execution and allocation frameworks, among other areas. The first edition will be published in Q1, 2020.

The journal’s editorial board will include quantitative finance professionals, data scientists, machine-learning professionals as well as academics specializing in finance and artificial intelligence. Tony Guida, author of Big Data and Machine Learning in Quantitative Investment, and Executive Director, Senior Quant Researcher, is Editorial Chair of The Journal of Machine Learning for Finance.

The editor-in-chief Tony Guida is currently reviewing our submissions together with our editorial board consisting of:

  • Matthew Dixon
  • Dr Miquel Noguer i Alonso
  • Eric Bouyé
  • Guillaume Coqueret
  • Carmine De Franco
  • Giuliano De Rossi
  • David Fellah
  • Nick Firoozye
  • Ahcene Gareche
  • Yves Hilpisch
  • Rheia Khalaf
  • Michael G. Kollo PhD
  • Petter Kolm
  • Mingzhu L.
  • Yin Luo
  • Mark Nebelung
  • Sandhya Prabhakaran
  • Yaz Romahi
  • Julien Turc
  • Sandrine Ungari
  • Maurits van der Meer CFA
  • Kari Vatanen CFA FRM

If you have recently written an academic paper and if you would like to be published in our future volumes, please feel free to contact us at for more information.

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