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TradingScreen’s Buhannic: Does the world need a combined OMS / EMS? The answer is: “Yes!”

October 4, 2012 Comments (0)

Check out this great editorial from TradingScreen CEO Philippe Buhannic in this month’s Advanced Trading. (Hyperlink is now active with no pay-wall – this will be running in the print edition as well if it’s no longer available online.) In this article, Philippe lays out the key reasons that the buy-side must adopt a comprehensive solution: The hunt for Alpha The evolution of best execution The “electronification” of OTC asset-classes The need to control costs He...

TradingScreen Top Hedge Fund News – 09.24.12 to 09.28.12

September 28, 2012 Comments (0)

Conservative investors start using hedge funds as a hedge, completely without irony. U.S. pension funds, charitable groups, endowments and other investment vehicles known for highly conservative investment approaches are now piling into non-traditional investments, including hedge funds, as a hedge against what they see as a highly unstable market, according to multiple reports. Despite the fact that hedge funds have under-performed the S&P 500 significantly this year, non-conservative...

Guest Blogger Louis Lovas: Leveraging Technology for Customized Transaction Cost Analysis

September 25, 2012 Comments (0)

(Editor’s note:  Very happy to have Louis Lovas contributing his TCA insights to TradingSmarter. Louis is the primary contributor to the insightful OneTick blog. Click on the link to check it out.) Technology is making a sweeping transformation in trading styles as algorithms create a more competitive environment and exponential growth in data volumes. As the number of firms deploying algorithms increases they will be chasing after a diminishing pot. The days of easy money are over as reported...

MST Capital Chooses TradingScreen’s EMS and TCA

September 23, 2012 Comments (0)

TradingScreen is proud to announce that MST Capital has selected its award-winning TradeSmart execution management system (EMS) to trade foreign exchange, equities and derivatives. In addition, MST Capital will also use TradingScreen’s real-time, multi-asset class transaction cost analysis (TCA) offering. Read the full press release here. Learn more: Click on the link if you would like to attend one of the TradingScreen events on Best Execution and Electronic Trading in Sydney or Melbourne....

Video: TradingScreen Top Hedge Fund News Wrap – 09.17.12 to 09.21.12

September 21, 2012 Comments (0)

Top News Hedge Funds: Not Guilty! In an absolutely non-stunning statement of the obvious, a study done by Rand Corp. says that hedge funds aren’t the ones to blame for the mortgage-lead financial meltdown of 2008 and beyond. The study laid the blame at the feet of credit rating agencies, which had rated sub-prime mortgage packages too highly, and it was, in many cases, hedge funds which recognized the situation, betting against the mortgages and helping alert regulators to the problem, just in...

Upcoming Transaction Cost Analysis Events in Australia

September 19, 2012 Comments (0)

TradingScreen has some major electronic trading and transaction cost analysis (TCA) events coming up in Australia, and we would like you to be here. Register here to meet up with TradingScreen at FIX Australia, to claim your spot at one of the upcoming TradingScreen events in Sydney or Melbourne. Please note, attendance is limited to current clients, partners, and buy-side asset management professionals. TradingScreen reserves the right to refuse attendance at any time. 

Alleged Whistleblower Suit, Claims Against TradingScreen Dismissed

September 18, 2012 Comments (0)

On September 14, 2012, Judge Anil C. Singh of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County, dismissed claims against TradingScreen Inc. and its Chief Executive Officer Philippe Buhannic asserted by Patrick Egan, a former employee of the company, alleging violation of the Delaware Whistleblowers’ Protection Act and wrongful termination of Mr. Egan. As previously reported, on September 12, 2011, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York also dismissed...

SaaS – Accelerating change within Capital Markets

September 18, 2012 Comments (0)

There was an interesting article published on a few days ago about banks collaborating with each other to develop trading software. This isn’t a new concept as open-source initiatives have existed for years across the entire trading life-cycle (calculations, fix messaging, etc.). TradingScreen has quite a bit of perspective on these types of efforts; the firm has been building software for the Capital Markets industry based upon a Software-as-a-Service architecture since 1999… before the...

Video: Top Hedge Fund News Wrap – Week of 091012

September 14, 2012 Comments (0)

Top News In Brief Independence and Bastille Day Fireworks But No Celebrations. There were more tough numbers coming out for the hedge fund industry, with redemptions up, hedge fund starts down, and lackluster returns.  Reuters reported that redemptions hit $7.4 bln in July, up from $4.2 bln in June, with the industry now managing an estimated $1.87 trillion, down from $2.4 trillion at peak. At the same time, pensions and investments online reported that Hedge fund launches in the second quarter...

Interview with Brian Nadzan on IMN’s Dodd-Frank Title VII Conference

September 13, 2012 Comments (0)

Interview with TradingScreen’s Chief Development Officer Brian Nadzan discussing the issues raised in the technology panel at the IMN Conference: Derivatives Trading in the Era of Dodd-Frank’s Title VII conference. This covers: Winners and losers What’s at stake What’s keeping market participants up at night over Dodd-Frank Title VII Predictions about standards …and more. Or read the transcript below: Brian Nadzan, TradingScreen’s Chief Development Officer, was...