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5th Annual Conference Behavioural Models & Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance

Start date

End date

July 15, 2015 July 16, 2015


London, UK [Map it]

Event price

15% off your attendance fee with our discount code “MSJULY” to be put in comments section when booking

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Sentiment analysis has developed as a technology that applies machine learning and makes a rapid assessment of the sentiments expressed in news releases. News (events) move the market and are measured quantitatively. Analysts and investors digest financial news and their perceptions impact the market and move stock prices. This conference presents the current state of the art in this fast-emerging field.

This is the 5th conference on this topic organized by UNICOM Seminars Ltd. The programme focuses on the application of Sentiment Analysis to the respective models of trading, fund management and risk control. Specialists in the domain present their recent research results, case studies and technology overviews. In particular the topic of Algorithmic Trading is addressed. Special features of this year’s conference are the inclusion of Social Media data (Twitter, blogs, Google Trends, online searches); how trustworthy these are and how they influence market sentiment, sentiment analysis for multiple asset classes.

To claim 15% off the attendance fees enter our discount code "MSJULY" in the comments field when making your booking.

Session Titles

  • Session One: Foundations & Technologies of Sentiment Analysis for Finance
  • Session Two: Sentiment Analysis in Asset Allocation & Risk Control for Equities
  • Session Three: Social Media, Micro Blogs, Google Trends
  • Session Four: Exploiting Global Macros in Oil, Energy, Commodities and Equities

Who attended the 2014 Conference

  1. Quant teams from hedge funds
  2. Prop trading desks of investment banks
  3. Quant teams from investment funds

Pre and Post Conference Workshops


Schedule of Pre-Conference Webinars:

There is a series of webinars leading to the event.

1. 9 Dec 2014 @15:00 hrs GMT RavenPack
Title: Constructing Indicators from News & Social Media Sentiment

2. 13 Jan 2015 @14:00 hrs GMT TheySay Analytics
Title: Detecting Emotion, Intent, Deception and other Signals in Text

3. 21 Jan 2015 @15:00 hrs GMT MarketPsych
Title:  Arbitraging News Sentiment Across Global Equities

4. 10 Feb 2015 @15:00 hrs GMT Deltix
Title: Quantitative Research using Sentiment Analysis for Systematic Trading

5. 24/25/26 Feb TBA

6. 10/11/12 March TBA

7. 24/25/26 March Thomson Reuters

8. 14/15/16 April Thomson Reuters

9. 28/29/30 April Bloomberg

10. 12/13/14 May Bloomberg / Thomson Reuters / RavenPack / OptiRisk


To make programme suggestions, enquire about participation, sponsorship, exhibition contact  Aqeela Rahman or Julie Valentine at UNICOM.