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Data Science in Finance - The Final Frontier?

Start date

January 18, 2018


8:30am to 5:30pm


New York, USA [Map it]


In recent years the topics of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data have become increasingly popular. This growth has been fueled by the collection & availability of new data; continually increasing processing power & storage and the open source movement making tools more widely available. As a result, we have already witnessed profound changes to how we work, rest and play. And this trend will only increase ...But how has the world of finance been impacted and investment managers in particular?Join us to explore what Data Science means for finance professionals.


Who would be interested in this event:

Analysts, Portfolio Managers and other practitioners interested in how machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other data science techniques can be used in financial and other sectors.  


Learning outcomes:

-          Gain an understanding of various big data techniques;

-          Learn new algorithms for investment analysis;

-          Review how data science is applied in various industries.