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Royal Institution 14-10 Club Meeting

Start date

End date

October 27, 2011 October 27, 2011




The Royal Institution, London [Map it]



14-10 club - 7.30pm start

Exclusively for finance professionals who have a background in science and mathematics, the14-10 club meets on a monthly basis to hear from top experts in science,maths and finance in a social and collegiate atmosphere.

This event will include the following presentations: 

Dr George Cooper, Bluecrest Capital, London

Steam Engines, Jet Fighters and Credit Crises 

On the 17th of May 1861 the physicist James Clerk Maxwell projected the world’s first colour photograph before an audience at the Royal Institution in London. Almost exactly 150 years later, also at the Royal Institution, Dr George Cooper will draw on Maxwell’s 1868 paper “On Governors” to help explain the causes of the recent financial crisis. 

Dr Cooper will argue that modern economic theory has failed to understand the inherent instability in financial markets and has therefore caused Central Banks to conduct monetary policy in a way which amplifies boom-bust cycles.

Professor John Barrow, University of Cambridge

Some Universes I Have Known

Professor Barrow will look at how Einstein enabled us to describe whole universes, and introduce some of the possible universes that emerged from his theory of general relativity including expanding universes, cyclic universes, spinning universes, and inflationary universes. 

Based on this bestselling new book The book of Universes, his talk will introduce the idea of the 'multiverse' together with a new explanation for the observed acceleration of the universe that doesn't seem to need it. 

14-10 club events are open to 14-10 club members only.

Trial membership is available at £35 for those in the financial sector wishing to attend this event.

Information on joining the 14-10 club as a trial or full member can be found at