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10th ifo Conference on Macroeconomics and Survey Data

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Start date February 21, 2020
End date February 22, 2020
Location: ifo Institute, Munich

The conference is intended to discuss ongoing research on survey and micro data and its role and usage in macroeconomics. Papers (theoretical, empirical and/or policy-oriented) are actively solicited on issues such as (non-exhaustive list):

  • usage of micro-data to address macroeconomic questions
  • role of expectations for behavior (of firms or individuals)
  • measuring and modeling of uncertainty and its effect on behavior and/or the business cycle
  • transmission of cyclical fluctuations
  • distributional effects of macroeconomic shocks
  • heterogeneity and evaluation of policies
  • labor markets and the business cycle
  • methodology of business surveys and forecasting performance of survey/micro data in business-cycle research

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