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Deep Learning–Applications in Market Risk and Economic Capital Modelling: Deep dive

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Start date November 11, 2019
End date September 12, 2019
Location: Prague

Deep learning techniques represent a certain part of wider machine learning methods and have become increasingly popular for a variety of real-life applications solving complex high-dimensional problems.

So far, typical applications for deep learning architectures such as deep neural networks and recurrent neural networks include speech and pattern recognition, language processing, audio recognition or machine translation. In all these applications, deep learning techniques were able to yield break-through results due to their highly flexible and innovative architectures and their approach of training models towards a set of given data.

Hence, given the variety and complexity of problems in the insurance industry combined with the typically large amounts of available data, practitioners have started applying these techniques in the insurance industry.

This seminar will exclusively focus on applying deep learning techniques for market risk modelling and the wider economic capital modelling space as well as asset allocation and actuarial business planning which represent areas of great importance for insurance companies where deep learning techniques have typically not been widely used before. Main goal of the seminar is to present relevant tools and techniques from deep learning and bring them together with applications in market risk, economic capital modelling, asset allocation and actuarial business planning. Examples are proxy modelling, projecting cash flows and economic balance sheet items (incl. the Solvency II ratio) in the future and prediction of economic time series.

The seminar will be highly practical; all major applications presented in the seminar will be followed by hands-on sessions where the participants will be able to implement the techniques under supervision and apply them to data sets.

Additionally, EAA offers the webinar „Deep Learning – Applications in Market Risk and Economic Capital Modelling: Overview on current state-of-the-art techniques” on 25 September 2019 | 10:00 - 12:00 CEST. The speakers describe the difference between the webinar and the seminar as follows:

The webinar provides an overview on current state-of-the-art techniques and illustrates them based on two case studies, while the seminar offers a deep dive into these techniques providing more and additional technical and theoretical background and allows the participants to apply DL techniques themselves under the guidance of the speakers.

Participants of the webinar who also take part in the seminar in Prague will get a discount of € 50.00 on the seminar fee.

Organised by the EAA – European Actuarial Academy GmbH.

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