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International Conference on Econophysics (2020)

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Start date May 29, 2020
End date May 31, 2020
Location: East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai

The International Conference on Econophysics (2020) will be held at East China University of Science and Technology on May 29-31, 2020. We look forward to welcoming our friends and colleagues from around the world.

The International Conference on Econophysics (ICE 2020) is a successor of ICE 2011, ICE 2014 and ICE 2017 held by the East China University of Science and Technology. The main aims of ICE are to forge a solid link between Econophysics and Finance (especially Financial Engineering), to provide a platform for the presentation of interdisciplinary ideas from different communities especially economics and finance, physics, mathematics, econophysics, complexity science, etc., and to foster an open-minded, cross-fertilizing, and regular exchange of ideas among scholars and practitioners of the different fields in a friendly environment.

Topics (including econophysics and financial engineering):

  • Agent-based models in economics and finance
  • Complex socio-economic networks
  • Computational experimental finance
  • Derivatives pricing and hedging
  • Evolutionary game theory
  • Financial engineering
  • Fractal and multifractal analysis and modeling
  • Market dynamics, macroscopic models and prediction
  • Market microstructure
  • Risk management
  • Statistical and probabilistic methods in economics and finance
  • Stylized facts

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