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MoneyScience 2020 Newsletter - Issue 1 - January

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Jan 17 2020 12:11language

Happy New Year and welcome to the roaring 20s at MoneyScience!

Over the coming year we'll be publishing a minimum of 6 issues of this new interactive Newsletter, carefully curating a selection of the most interesting and useful content published on our new, mobile-friendly site at In  each issue from March, we'll be featuring a 'hot topic', the first of which will be LIBOR transition. In May we'll be taking a deep dive into Machine Learning for Finance.

Our aim is to provide topical news, resources and learning opportunities to the Quant Finance community at large, providing an overview of what’s happening the field that is accessible to both established members and new entrants - whether they have come to finance from physical science, or data science and computing environments.

As ever we'll be seeking suggestions and contributions from academics, practitioners and technologists who are working at the cutting edge in the field. Whether you have a blog you'd like to contribute, an event you'd like to promote or simply a web resource which you think deserves more attention, we encourage you to register here to simplify the submission process and take advantage of the range of tools and promotional options we provide.

MoneyScience is a small (and unique!) player on the financial publishing landscape and we need to support our efforts with commercial submissions and advertising. If you represent a firm who you think might be interested in working with us to amplify their social media and marketing reach, then you can learn more about our Partnership options here and see our (very reasonable) rate card here.

If you’re a user and would like to support our ongoing efforts individually you can donate here.

Thanks very much your time. We hope you enjoy this Newsletter!


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