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2009 Nfl Week 7 Power Rankings

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Sports Illustrated magazine, which has long been suspected of jinxing athletes and teams featured on its cover, 918 kiss picked Atlanta over the 31 other teams as NFL champion. And team owner Arthur Blank, provides led anything but a jinxed life, announced through his charitable foundation that she and wife Stephanie are splitsville.

I picked the Fish to barely beat the struggling Vikings and they did. Miami is starting to resemble they many thought they will probably be all ambient temperature. However, this could yet again turn to be an incident of too little, far too late. The Vikings are struggling mightily on offense right now and scr888 pc download need someone, anyone, to make a big action. Quarterback, Brad Johnso continues capable of making plays when given the time and surrounding talent.

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Favre broke Marino's records, and he did with less quality weapons throughout his career. Favre has his ring, scr888 trusted agent as well as the records, and he walks away after a season that in any other year would be an MVP year. Had Favre choice to stay three more years, you always be wonder if even Peyton Manning could be able to catch up.

I picked the Rams to cover and they almost did. However almost isn't good enough when there's money threatened. Carolina is starting to gel at the most beneficial time a lot more and the Rams are beginning to fade - ever again.

Chad Ochocinco continues to Chad Outofsynco and it remains to make sure how extremely patience the Patriots could have with it. Early in crucial nutrient you should half, this Patriots leading, 21-10, Chad Ochocinco ran an awful, lazy route-- absolutely inexcusable for an experienced receiver of his prominence. He did not make a clear, crisp cut on the center post resulting in no separation from defensive back, Leodis McKelvin. Brady threw it to a space expecting Ochocinco to be open, but McKelvin beat Ochocinco into the spot with inside body placement. Lack of separation has been a recurring theme with Ochocinco-- a sign that he has lost his signature quickness and speed.

We took some of the win/loss records of all the stat leaders, right now there were some leaders on losing teams such as D'Qwell Jackson of the Browns. In 2008, Jackson led the league in tackles with 154, but Cleveland could only muster a record of 4-12. However, when we added together the records of all the stat leaders from 2002 to 2008, we found how the combined record for their teams was over .500. In fact, the overall combined record for the seven years we analyzed was 429 wins and 307 losses or a fantastic percentage of more.582. This is slightly better than a single season record of 9-7, which commonly good enough for a playoff berth.

Brief description: The biggest hits were definitely San Diego and Marion county. So expect the receiving core to get yourself a big boost if this can be a case. Well, anyone still located on the Detroit camp?


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