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Short Description: Asymptotix work closely with its clients and partners to help develop a more proactive, systematic and integrated approach to IT projects, governance and risk management on order to preserve the value of existing assets, building confidence in the systems to deliver proper value.


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Asymptotix wrote a new blog post titled Charting Ways Out of the European Impasse #AUGUR

The European Union has reached a critical juncture in dealing with the fallout from the 2008 financial meltdown. Europe’s leaders took initiatives to strengthen financial systems but have been unable to secure a significant recovery of the European economy or avert growing divergences between member states in GDP per capita, unemployment rates and external-account balances. This memorandum written by participants of a 3-year research project on Europe and the world’s socioeconomic future to 2030 (the AUGUR project) discusses possible ways out of prolonged stagnation and low...
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Asymptotix wrote a new blog post titled The ENVIRONMENTAL INDUSTRY SECTOR - what is it? #AUGUR

AUGUR A world-wide group of economists and others worldwide, led by a group of EU macro-economists - who work like a mini-UN macro-research with everything integrated across all of  the world's political-economy, fully empirically expressed with dynamics lacking from World Bank Model. There is a lot of resistance to internationalist economics as there is too to environmental concerns especially climate warming and carbon tax implications, which are not merely short-run crisis responses but will be embedded long-term etc. Environmentalism Industry as a sector is still...
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The technology-challenges thrown down post credit-crunch are the closest thing to rocket-science Financial Services (& thus the wider economy) has ever seen. One thing we do know is that better use of technology is probably the only way generally to prevent another credit crisis & to exit this one.

Collaborative Innovation is the top priority for CEOs and Chief Information Officers today; it facilitates the harvesting of intellectual property whether from the academic community or from commercial partnerships and thus simultaneously accelerates the innovation of software engineering to lower cost and improve quality. Asymptotix can create Solution Partnerships for our clients with both the academic community and commercial software OEMs.

To successfully implement post crisis solutions requires several distinct types of domain expertise; solutions will be developed by essentially interdisciplinary teams. Multi-domain expertise does not conveniently reside in one locus. Therefore in pursuit of solutions, Asymptotix has a focus on Solution Partnerships which bring Best Practice to projects by combining domain expertise where it is necessary. They allow teams to Re-Think in a multidisciplinary unit; Rethink boundaries and Rethink innovation.

In practical terms, Asymptotix can structure and enforce a contractual environment which enables Solution Partnerships through Asymptotix long experience and current expertise in IT brokerage contract and compliance management. We have learned the hard way (the only way?) what the commercial aspects of the “solution partnership” approach mean, we have done it before. The commercial viability of large complex IT implementations in framework contracts is a monotonic function of Project-Risk, which itself is an inverse function of capability or expertise. So what Asymptotix offers our clients is “assurance”; formally in other words, “domain knowledge”. We can make that expertise play in your context to de-risk your highly complex challenge. Take some of the weight.


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