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Publication Name: Econometrics Beat

Brief description: Dave Giles is a Professor of Economics at the University of Victoria, Canada, where he specializes in Econometrics.

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Econometrics Beat wrote a new blog post titled Check out What Happened at the 2019 Joint Statistical Meetings

Each year, the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) bring together thousands (6,500 this year) of statisticians at what's the largest gathering of its type in the world. The JSM represent eleven international statistics organisations, including the four founding organisations - The American Statistical Association (ASA), The International Biometric Society, The Institute of Mathematical Statistical, and The Statistical Society of Canada. As a member of the ASA since 1973 I've attended a few of...
(6 days ago)

Econometrics Beat wrote a new blog post titled Including More History in Your Econometrics Teaching

If you follow this blog (or if you look at the "History of Econometrics" label in the word cloud in the right side-bar), you'll know that I have more than a passing interest in the history of our discipline. There's so much to be learned from this history. Among other things, we can gain insights into why certain methods became popular, and we can reduce the risk of repeating earlier mistakes! When I was teaching I liked to inject a few historical facts/anecdotes/curiosities into my classes. I...
(14 days ago)

Econometrics Beat wrote a new blog post titled Suggested Reading for August

Here are my reading suggestions for this month:Bun, M. J. G. & T. D. Harrison, 2109. OLS and IV estimation of regression models including endogenous interaction terms. Econometric Reviews, 38, 814-827.Dufour, J-M., E. Flachaire, & L. Khalaf, 2019. Permutation tests for comparing inequality measures. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 37, 457-470.Jiao, X. & F. Pretis, 2018. Testing the presence of outliers in regression models. Available at...
(19 days ago)