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City: London

Country: UK

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Eze Castle Integration wrote a new blog post titled Here Are Investment Managers' Biggest Cyber Security Fears

There’s a lot to fear in the cyber world: rogue nation states, professional cyber criminals and would-be hacktivists, just to name a few. Their weapons of choice vary in scope and substance, but regardless of the threat actor, investment management firms must employ rigid and resilient protections to ward off the equally sophisticated cyber threats that continue to surface. During a webinar earlier this year in which we detailed various levels of cybersecurity firms should consider, we asked our attendees to identify what they determined to be the most concerning cyber threat to their...
(885 days ago)

Eze Castle Integration wrote a new blog post titled Webinar Recap: Top 10 IT Security Audit Gaps – and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to cybersecurity there are many factors that you need to be conscious of. During a recent webinar, speakers from Eze Castle Integration and Wolf & Company shared 10 of the most common cybersecurity gaps identified during an IT audit/risk assessment. We’ve listed the top 10 below and shared some particulars on a few of the most critical (in our opinion). For more detail on how these gaps are presenting themselves – and also best practices for avoiding them – scroll down or click here to listen to the full webinar replay. Top 10 IT Security Gaps Risk...
(886 days ago)

Eze Castle Integration wrote a new blog post titled Throwback Thursday: Will you trade in your iPhone for the Nokia 3310?

Do you remember the Nokia 3310? C’mon, you know which one I’m talking about. It was that indestructible T9 phone that was a must-have back in the 2000s. It was a huge seller primarily due to its long battery life and its durability (as a result of its unique casing). Now more than 17 years after its original debut, the Nokia 3310 is being relaunched. Set to release in Q2 of 2017 we’re curious to see the hype behind this new, but old phone. After scouring the Internet, here’s a list of why we think some people are getting excited for the return of this ‘old...
(891 days ago)