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Publication Name: Magic, Maths and Money

Brief description: The Relationship between Science and Finance.

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Magic, Maths and Money wrote a new blog post titled Ethics and actuaries: issues and opportunities

I was invited by the “London Markets Actuarial Group”, made up of general insurance actuaries, to speak at an ethics workshop. This post is about some observations I have from this experience. My observations are critical. This does not mean I believe actuaries are not well-intentioned, rather there might be gaps in their understanding that inhibit clear ethical reasoning. The purpose is to highlight how ethical assumptions are always questionable and it is by asking questions that an individual becomes ethical. The context is that the professional body of UK actuaries, the IFoA, requires...
(121 days ago)

Magic, Maths and Money wrote a new blog post titled Mathematician, heal thyself

I attended the second “Ethics in Mathematics” conference held at the University of Cambridge and organised by Maurice Chiodo. I had come across Maurice about twelve months ago when I was working with a Norwegian academic on the issue of ethics in maths. Maurice has developed into the Henry Oldenburg or Maurice Fréchet, though I suspect being a central node in a network is not as career enhancing for Maurice as it was for Oldenburg and Fréchet because the concern is ethics. In my experience mathematicians don’t really want to face up to ethical issues associated with their discipline. Ethics...
(139 days ago)

Magic, Maths and Money wrote a new blog post titled Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools

This post is my response to the warning from the former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks of the dangers of "doing nothing" to combat anti-Semitism. The concern raised by Lord Sacks is that anti-Semitism appears widespread in the far left, as well as in its normal home in the far right. I will write about what I think I understand, meaning I will not venture into the issues relating to actions of the state of Israel. None of my best friends (that I know of) are Jewish though I have yet to meet an Israeli Jew who whole-heartedly supports the actions of the Israeli government.   The...
(472 days ago)