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Publication Name: Money Managers Live

Brief description: Money managers at Paragon Wealth Management post stock market updates and articles weekly.

Publication URL: http://www.moneymanagerslive.com/

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Money Managers Live wrote a new blog post titled Now Showing in Europe: Negative Yields – Next Stop: The U.S.?

Written by Nate White, Chief Investment Officer of Paragon Wealth Management Yes folks, the condition where you actually have to pay someone to hold your money or you get back less than you deposited is now a reality in Europe....
(1641 days ago)

Money Managers Live wrote a new blog post titled Uncle, Uncle!!

The dramatic drop in the price of oil over the last few months is captivating the markets. It seems it is coming down to a giant game of chicken to see who will cry first: Shale producers, unstable oil dependent export countries such as Nigeria, Venezuela, Russia, or other unconventional sources such as deep-water and oil sands projects. A massive supply glut that has been building for the last few years has finally come to a head. On Thanksgiving Day, to the dismay of many OPEC members, the...
(1663 days ago)

Money Managers Live wrote a new blog post titled WHY USE AN ACTIVE MANAGER?

Written by Dave Young, President & Founder of Paragon Wealth Management Because certain indexes have performed well over the past few years, those who promote passive investing are recommending that you follow the current fad and just buy index funds....
(1670 days ago)