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Publication Name: Oddhead Blog

Brief description: Musings of a computer scientist on predictions, odds, and markets

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Owner Name: David Pennock

Joined: November 15th, 2011


Oddhead Blog wrote a new blog post titled Algorithmic economics postdoc position at Microsoft Research, NYC

We are beginning to search for a postdoc in Algorithmic Economics at Microsoft Research, New York City with a start date in Summer/Fall 2016. Strong graduating students should apply by December 8, 2015. Faculty: please encourage your best students to apply. Please feel free to forward and distribute the announcement as you see fit. Research in the Algorithmic Economics group at MSR-NYC spans a wide variety of topics at the interface of economics and computation. Application areas include auctions, crowdsourcing, gaming, information aggregation, machine learning in markets, market interfaces,...
(1399 days ago)

Oddhead Blog wrote a new blog post titled Keep Kirk in Lurk

Keep Kirk in lurk. Control the jerk. That piece of work. The bull Berserk. He’s loud and crass. A frequent ass. Can’t not make pass, At pretty lass. The silly dope. He preaches Pope. And clings to hope. The human trope. Not Mr. Spock, He’s run a-mok, He’s awe and shock, He doesn’t grok. Single minded. Needs reminded, Not to find id Ego blinded. Few effective. Spews invective. Treats prime directive As elective. Law evaded. Ethics faded. Simply stated: Overrated! Ignore his slick, Adoring shtick. He’s Captain Prick, Not James but Dick. Just keep him penned, He’s rare the friend. But hand...
(1399 days ago)

Oddhead Blog wrote a new blog post titled Unlock your Spock

Unlock your Spock, The thinking jock. In reason, stock. Your head full chock. Emotion, block. Religion, knock. Illogic, mock. To scissors, rock. Don’t jump rejoice, Without his voice, To guide your choice, Of rolls or Royce. Don’t improvise. When chance arise, Try on for size, This Enterprise. This guy insider. Calm decider. Anger hider. Truth abider. The one that bends. Who letter sends. Ends pretends, And makes amends. The man who plans. Buys minivans. Stores up his cans. Controls his glands. No chitter chat, Or swagger frat. A diplomat. A clever cat. His omissions: Intuitions,...
(1639 days ago)


Welcome to Oddhead: a blog about prediction markets, gambling, online commerce & communities, advertising, new media, artificial intelligence, online wonders, and other odds & ends. This blog is maintained by David Pennock.

David Pennock is a Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research in New York City, where he leads a group focused on algorithmic economics. Pennock’s job is to dream up technologies that are disruptive and revolutionary, either commercially, scientifically, or both. He has over fifty academic publications relating to electronic commerce and the web, including papers in PNAS, Science, IEEE Computer, Theoretical Computer Science, AAAI, EC, and WWW. He has given over thirty talks and authored one patent and ten patent applications. In 2005, he was named to MIT Technology Review‘s list of 35 top technology innovators under age 35 having the potential to profoundly impact the world. Pennock is at the forefront of a growing vanguard of computer scientists and economists who are working together to investigate the role of computation in economic theory and to design and build the marketplaces of the digital age. One of his primary areas of expertise is the design and analysis of prediction markets.