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Publication Name: Bullrun Trading

Brief description: Trading blog providing articles, tips, advice, reviews, and videos all about trading. BullRun Trading is the ultimate source to help you become a profitable trader.

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I'm Oliver from Bullrun Trading. Welcome to our MoneyScience profile. Our goal at Bullrun Trading is to provide the ultimate source of high-quality information, advice, tips, and videos for traders. Our target audience is retail traders across the world. Offering a unique perspective from a UK-based retail trader. Topics covered will include everything from day trading (including scalping) to long-term investing. The content delivered is in the form of:

  • Educational guides - both written and video form
  • Important news for traders 
  • Live trading streams - watch us trade various financial markets via a live stream
  • Brokers explanations and reviews - we want to make choosing the right broker easier
  • Recaps of events that have occurred in the markets
  • Guides to various strategies
  • Guides to trading psychology - perhaps the most important aspect of trading
  • A clear set of rules for trading

The financial markets represent an incredibly dynamic environment with an endless array of methods to trade profitably. At Bullrun Trading, we hope to help our followers form clear understandings of the methods the work. Furthermore, it's our mission to help make understanding which broker to use an easier decision. On the website, the is a set of rules clearly defined. There are 10 rules that are vital to success. For new traders, our 10 rules to trading should be the most important piece information to remember. 

Unlike many others trading blogs online, we care about our readers and followers. We won't try an sell you useless 'indicators' or 'signals' or anything like that. The goal is to provide absolute value through the website and videos. On our website, it is a place to learn and understand methods and strategies to help you reach (and maintain) consistant profitability. The landscape faced by retail traders is one that lacks transparency and has many traps, the goal of the blog is to help make things much more clear.