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Brief description: Welcome to Peston’s Picks - the home of my reports and analysis of the issues in business that matter to us all

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Robert Peston Blog wrote a new blog post titled The deflation that isn't deflation

The Bank of England expects inflation to be zero or very close to zero for most of this year, starting in March. And it says there is a greater than evens chance that it will turn negative, that prices will fall, for much of this period. But the governor, Mark Carney, insists in his letter to the chancellor that this is not deflation. This is what he says: "The UK is not experiencing 'deflation': excluding food and energy, 68% of the underlying categories of the CPI are...
(1682 days ago)

Robert Peston Blog wrote a new blog post titled Greece and the Eurogroup need a marriage counsellor

The thing about marriages that break down is they can take an unconscionable age either to be mended or to be formally ended - because of a combination of the evaporation of trust, the tendency to blame the other for failure and the difficulty in working out who gets what of the assets and liabilities. So none of us should really have been surprised last night when Jeroen Dijssselbloem, finance minister of the Netherlands and chair of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers, told us that discussions with Greece "covered a lot of ground but we...
(1682 days ago)

Robert Peston Blog wrote a new blog post titled What is Baltic saying about global slowdown?

Let's start by owning up: I am last with the news. Zerohedge and Bloomberg both noted yesterday, and I didn't, that the Baltic Dry Index has collapsed to a level we haven't seen since 1986 (a year where my memories are not exactly razor sharp, for reasons you can guess). Just in the first six weeks of this year it has fallen almost 30% and it is a third of its peak value of the past 52 weeks. Jimminy. It means, in case you forgot, that...
(1683 days ago)


Robert has won numerous awards for his journalism, including Journalist of the Year, Specialist Journalist of the Year and Scoop of the Year (twice) from the Royal Television Society, Performer of the Year from the Broadcasting Press Guild, and Broadcaster of the Year and Journalist of the Year from the Wincott Foundation.

Prior to joining the BBC, he was political editor and financial editor of the Financial Times, City Editor of the Sunday Telegraph and a columnist for the New Statesman and Sunday Times.

He broadcast and published a series of influential reports about the causes and consequences of the global financial crisis.