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Publication Name: Tales from a Trading Desk

Brief description: Noise from an Investment Bank

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Owner Name: Matt Davey

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Tales from a Trading Desk wrote a new blog post titled Apache Kafka – Multi Asset Class Usage

InfoQ has an old, but relevant article on Kafka usage in financial services – specifically S&P Capital IQ.  Interesting comparisons to RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ.  “Real-Time Stream Processing as Game Changer in a Big Data World with Hadoop and Data Warehouse” is also worth a read.
(1707 days ago)

Tales from a Trading Desk wrote a new blog post titled Innovation back in Financial Services?

Startups are giving financial services a good kicking from a retention and hiring perspective.  Everyone wants to be in a startup, live the dream, be involved in a cool product, and hopefully be rewarded appropriately.  Wall Street and Technology has had a number of articles this year offering insight into the innovation that financial services is driving to not only re-build the sector, but also I suspect to keep staff engaged.  BNY Mellon and Fidelity are the two recently called out, but a quick google will provide some insight into the money being invested into startups by the top 10 or so...
(1709 days ago)

Tales from a Trading Desk wrote a new blog post titled Agile Frustrations

Not Just Code Monkeys presentation from Martin Fowler offers an interesting journey through his presentation. Conversation stories – programmers should be part of story development.  BA’s and UX’s shouldn’t be left to define the backlog without engineering conversation. Domain knowledge for a developer is king. Engineers need to take responsibility for the code Mr Fowler really doesn’t like finance.
(1709 days ago)


I work for Lab49, a technology consulting firm that builds advanced solutions for the financial services industry. I’ve worked in the financial vertical for 15+ years, building capital markets systems for most asset classes, using C++, Java and the Microsoft stack. I’ve worked most of the top tier investment banks.

My Lab49 bio is here:

“As Director of Technology at Lab49, Matt Davey has extensive knowledge and experience of the London financial market and is an expert in a multitude of technology domains. Matt is responsible for overseeing the hiring of UK consultants and the delivery of projects in the UK.”