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Publication Name: The Monetary Future

Brief description: At the intersection of free banking, cryptography, and digital currency

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Owner Name: Jon Matonis

Joined: January 22nd, 2012


The Monetary Future wrote a new blog post titled The Future of Digital Currency Exchanges

By Globitex Medium Friday, January 26, 2018 https://medium.com/@globitex/the-future-of-digital-currency-exchanges-cb74be8c6655 Board Chairman, Jon Matonis, and Managing Director, Liza Aizupiete, both co-founders of Globitex spoke at the Cryptoeconomy Conference in London on January 26, 2018. Jon: I want to start off by saying something about the three functions of money. If anyone takes an Economics 101 class, the first thing you learn in monetary economics are the three functions of money. You have a store of value, a medium of exchange and unit of account. Those three functions are...
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The Monetary Future wrote a new blog post titled Cubits Continues To Make Platform More Accessible

By Aerol Bitcoin Gambling Guide Tuesday, August 23, 2016 https://www.bitcoingg.com/cubits-continues-make-platform-accessible/ Cubits is Europe’s premier Bitcoin payment processor and platform. With development started in 2014 and a launch in 2015, it is still comparatively new. However, it has already made waves in the industry by growing as quickly as it has. The London-based cryptocurrency platform has allowed people to buy bitcoins in a matter of minutes, making it one of the faster Bitcoin sources out there. It is not just the transactions that make Cubits so attractive to customers....
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The Monetary Future wrote a new blog post titled The Myth of Legal Tender Has Been Shattered

By SPEAKGLOBAL Thursday, July 30, 2015 https://issuu.com/lsb-asia/docs/speakglobal_-_issue_5/14 London Speaker Bureau - SPEAKGLOBAL Issue 5
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I am an e-Money specialist and Austrian School economist from George Washington University focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies. My career has included senior influential posts at Sumitomo Bank, VISA, VeriSign, and Hushmail.

"Free-market protagonists, such as Matonis, regard cybercash as better than traditional government-issued or -regulated money, because it is determined by market forces and thus nonpolitical in nature." --Robert Guttmann, Professor of Economics at Hofstra University, in Cybercash: The Coming Era of Electronic Money, 2003

"Matonis is quite correct that the new technology makes easier the use of multiple private currencies." --Mark Bernkopf, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in "Electronic Cash and Monetary Policy", 1996

"Matonis argues that what is about to happen in the world of money is nothing less than the birth of a new Knowledge Age industry: the development, issuance, and management of private currencies." --Seth Godin in Presenting Digital Cash, 1995