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Publication Name: The Practical Quant

Brief description: Musings on Quantitative Finance

Publication URL: http://practicalquant.blogspot.com/

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Owner Name: Ben Lorica

Joined: January 22nd, 2012


The Practical Quant wrote a new blog post titled Understanding deep neural networks

The O'Reilly Data Show Podcast: Michael Mahoney on developing a practical theory for deep learning.In this episode of the Data Show, I speak with Michael Mahoney, a member of RISELab, the International Computer Science Institute, and the Department of StatisticsĀ at UC Berkeley. A physicist by training, Mahoney has been at the forefront of many important problems in large-scale data analysis. On the theoretical side, his works spans algorithmic and statistical methods for matrices, graphs, regression, optimization, and related problems. On the applications side, he has contributed to systems...
(3 days ago)

The Practical Quant wrote a new blog post titled How New Tools In Data And AI Are Being Used In Healthcare And Medicine

An overview of applications of new tools for overcoming silos, and for creating and sharing high-quality data.By Ben Lorica and Mike Loukides.AI will have a huge impact on healthcare. It is currently moving out of the laboratory and into real-world applications for healthcare and medicine. Many startups are using modern data and AI technologies to tackle problems related to workflow optimization and automation, demand forecasting, treatment and care, diagnostics, drug discovery, personalized medicine, and many other areas. Some of these companies are beginning to speak publicly about their AI...
(12 days ago)

The Practical Quant wrote a new blog post titled Becoming a machine learning practitioner

The O'Reilly Data Show Podcast: Kesha Williams on how she added machine learning to her software developer toolkit.In this episode of the Data Show, I speak with Kesha Williams, technical instructor at A Cloud Guru, a training company focused on cloud computing. As a full stack web developer, Williams became intrigued by machine learning and started teaching herself the ML tools on Amazon Web Services. Fast forward to today, Williams has built some well-regarded Alexa skills, mastered ML services on AWS, and has now firmly added machine learning to her developer toolkit.Anatomy of an Alexa...
(17 days ago)


I am a Senior Researcher in the Market Research Group at O'Reilly Media, Inc., founder of Verisi Data Studio, and an advisor to Yakit. I have applied Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Statistical Analysis in a variety of domains including Financial Engineering, Direct Marketing, Consumer and Market Research, Targeted Advertising, and Text Mining. My background includes stints with an investment management company, internet startups, and financial services. At O'Reilly, I work on custom research and consulting projects, involving all aspects of data intelligence: data acquisition, data transformation and management, analytics, and visualization. In the process, I help companies understand developments in a wide-range of emerging technology topics, including social media, (mobile) application platforms, big data and analytics, and frugal innovation. I remain interested in Quantitative Finance and my musings can be found on my blog The Practical Quant.

An ex-academic, I was an Assistant Professor at U.C. Davis and was the founding Department Chair for Statistics and Mathematics at C.S.U. Monterey Bay. I have been a visiting member of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley and have taught at U.C. Santa Barbara and the University of the Philippines. I enjoy writing and have written and published on topics ranging from Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Finance, Marketing Research, and Technology.