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Publication Name: Thought Economics

Brief description: Interviews With The World's Leading Thinkers.

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Owner Name: Vikas Shah

Joined: September 1st, 2011


Thought Economics wrote a new blog post titled Storytelling

How Creativity, Animation and Stories define us. In these exclusive interviews we speak to Ed Catmull (Co-Founder of Pixar Animation, and President of Walt Disney Animation Studios), Nick Park (Oscar Winning Writer, Director and Animator with Aardman Animation) and Jonathan Gottschall (A world expert in storytelling and Distinguished Research Fellow in the English Department at Washington & Jefferson College). We discuss the fundamental role of storytelling in human existence, and learn...
(1694 days ago)

Thought Economics wrote a new blog post titled Mental Health

The World's Most Profound Health Challenge In these exclusive interviews we speak to: Dr. Thomas Insel (Director of the National Institutes of Mental Health, NIMH), Dr. Shekhar Saxena (Director of Mental Health for the World Health Organisation), Paul Farmer (Chief Executive of Mind, the world’s largest Mental Health NGO), Sergeant Kevin Briggs (Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge) and Marcus Trescothick (International Cricketer and Mental Health Campaigner). We look at the realities of mental...
(1746 days ago)

Thought Economics wrote a new blog post titled How Power Shapes our World

In these exclusive interviews, we speak to Moisés Naím (Distinguished Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, former Minister of Trade and Industry for Venezuela and Executive Director of the World Bank) and Admiral James Stavridis (Dean of The Fletcher School at Tufts University and former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO). We discuss the fundamental nature of power, how it shapes our world economically, politically, socially and how it impacts the lives of every single...
(1775 days ago)


Thought Economics interviews individuals who are impacting our lives. Between them, they have achieved accolades ranging from being one of the first from our civilisation to step foot on the moon, to bringing the telephone to India, developing countries, changing our understanding of life and the universe, running the biggest sports and film events in the world, ending wars, and more. Some of the individuals interviewed are household names internationally, and some are not well-known but are still having a profound influence on the way our world works.

  • You can see a full list of everyone who has been interviewed and all the topics covered so far by clicking here.


The Writer Behind Thought Economics:
All the interviews and articles on this site are conducted and written by Vikas Shah. Vikas is an experienced award-winning entrepreneur and strategist who has, for the past 15 years, built businesses in sectors ranging from design & technology, to textiles & commodities, brands, professional services and leisure. He is also an advisor to numerous entrepreneurs, businesses, and organisations globally. Alongside Thought Economics, he also writes for AllAboutAlpha.com (the official publication of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association) and Manchester Business School’s “Transforming Management” magazine. He has previously written for various publications including .net magazine, and is regularly called upon to provide commentary and opinion (and has featured in publications including Director, Brand Strategy, Business 550 and the Economist).Vikas is also an accomplished photographer and poet.