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Publication Name: Timing Logic

Brief description: Rantings on Markets, Economics and Business Strategy.

Publication URL: http://timinglogic.blogspot.com/

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Joined: August 20th, 2011


Timing Logic wrote a new blog post titled Jeffrey Epstein: What A Tangled Web He Weaved

The story of Epstein is incomprehensible on one hand yet given the perversion and evil of those controlling our society, completely expected.  At this point, it’s implausible to believe anything about this story given the public names associated with Epstein’s vile pedophilia.  You don’t get off with a slap on the wrist as Epstein did a decade ago without very powerful people or organizations pulling levers outside of the views of democracy and the rule of law. Based on the mainstream, institutionalized dynamics of modern American society, it would not be surprising to find the...
(32 days ago)

Timing Logic wrote a new blog post titled Quick Remarks On China And Free Trade Brainwashing

I’ve written a gargantuan number of posts on China.  That includes what is coming.  It seems on our door step but we shall see how quickly things unfold.  Why in God’s name are we trading with China? They steal our military secrets, they steal our university research through financial extortion, they steal American company secrets, they produce most of the counterfeit goods that cost Americans millions of jobs, they are a communist nation that murdered 50 million citizens, they have death vans that come to people’s houses to murder them, their one child policy has led to the...
(46 days ago)

Timing Logic wrote a new blog post titled A World Of Unprecedented Evil

While I have essentially limited my posts to a few a year since 2016, before then I wrote voluminous posts about what was happening and what is coming.  While I don’t keep up with the news or blogosphere anymore, I’m confident no single person has predicted so much of what has and is happening around the world with very specific details.  I attribute this to a generally free mind, a generally open heart, deeply intuitive and empathic awareness, thirty years of studying the human condition and psychology and a very advanced understanding of complex systems.  In this case, those...
(48 days ago)


Our goal is to provide reasoned, relevant and often contrarian commentary on topics of international investing, global economic developments and business strategy in a format that is easy to understand and thought provoking.